Services: Fabrication, Welding, and Bent Aluminum Wheel/Rim Repair

Listed below are just a few of the service jobs and applications we work on every day. Whether large or small, if it involves welding or metal fabrication, we can handle it and would welcome the opportunity to quote your project. Starting cost of welding and bent wheel repair is $60.


Custom Handrails
Have a handrail idea? We have a way to bring it to life. Handrails are our specialty; we have created numerous styles of rails and would enjoy being the producer of yours as well.

Entrance Gates
We can custom build steel fencing, security and personal access gates, including ornamental ones, according to your specifications.

Dumpster Doors
Many commercial sites require a dumpster enclosure. Let us fabricate the doors to satisfy this need. We make dumpster doors custom to fit your size requirements.
Heavy Equipment Repair
We have extensive experience in heavy equipment repairs, such as fixing cracks, replacing worn brackets, replacing bucket teeth/shanks, restoring cutting blades, replacing worn pins and hard facing. We have even repaired an excavator arm that was broken in half with our mobile rig! Dump trucks and 18-wheeler rigs can also be repaired; we are able to replace worn items, broken latches, cracks and tailgates.
Pipeline Installation and Repair
We have laid quite a few miles of steel pipe in the ground. We have well equipped mobile rig and a certified pipe welder who will complete your pipe line job with ease.
Restaraunt Equipment
Need some fabrication or repair of your stainless steel restaurant equipment? Not a problem! We have experience in modifying and repairing stainless steel tables, shelving, vent hoods and caseworks to improve the looks and function of your kitchen equipment.
Custom Bumpers and Racks
We can fabricate heavy-duty bumpers and racks to accomodate winches or other special needs that will outlast your vehicle. We would be delighted to install your custom store-bought bumper as well.
Frame and Roll-Cage Fabrication and Repair
We can fabricate, modify or repair a custom frame of any sort according to your desires. Some examples of our abilities include applying a roll cage made of high-end cromally tube frames or repairing your rusted project car.
Trailer Repair and Customization
We are fully capable of repairing all of your trailer mishaps, including lights, springs, axels, bearings, couplers, ramps and latches. Of course, we would be happy to make any custom modifications you may desire as well.
Boat Repair and Accessories
We have experience fixing aluminum jon boats and pontoon boats. We are also able to fabricate custom fishing towers, leaning posts or modify existing rails.
Fuel Tank Fabrication and Repair
We are able to design and/or construct high quality custom fuel tanks, or we can repair your existing fuel tank.
Rim Repair
Large rims look sharp but unfortunately have a tendency to crack or bend when hitting a pothole or curb. we are always happy to repair your rim(s) with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have repaired everything from motorcycle rims to heavy-duty dump truck rims.
Small Equipment Repair
Anytime you have small equipment failure, such as cracked, broken or rusted mower decks, bush hogs, tillers and tractors, we would be delighted to restore these for you.
Broken Bolt and Stud Removal
We know how frustrating it can be to remove stubborn, rusted bolts, especially when the head breaks off. Let us remove even the toughest broken bolts and studs without harming the threads or drilling holes. Me make life easier for you!
Miscellaneous Custom Work
We have the ability to create some pretty off-the-wall projects for our clients! We've fabricated custom pipes and brackets for Jet-ski's, solar-powered go-carts, bird perches, custom ramps, plasma tv brackets and broken motorcycle parts. Let us know what your project ideas are, no matter how crazy, and we will work with you and try our best to make sure it gets done!
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